About Us

About Snow Angels London

Snow Angels London is the result of an idea that Lincoln McCardle had in early 2015 and brought to fruition by the hard work and kindred spirits of Simalam. To be clear, many municipalities and organizations already offered similar tools to allow neighbours to help each other with snow removal, however they are often prohibitively expensive and bureaucratic. This is simply an alternative, a community fuelled tool to connect neighbours and their neighbourhood.

Snow Angels London is an experiment in kindness: a way for Londoners to request assistance shovelling or to find others in need of such assistance. Whichever category you may fit into we hope Snow Angels London will serve your needs.

Sing our praises?

Don't need help, unable to help shovel because you’re not nearby or are otherwise unable? You can be a Snow Angel from the comfort of your cozy home. This system only works with the community involved and right now the most important part is simply letting people know we exist. Know a student who needs volunteer hours? Maybe noticed someone who needs assistance lives near someone you know? Reach out to friends, family and neighbours who may be able to step up and help shovel out your neighbours. Share on social media and help spread the good word!

Form a Halo!

Let’s be honest, shovelling snow kind of sucks. We recommend, for both safety reasons and to increase the fun factor, that you form a ‘halo’ – a group of friends and/or neighbours when out shovelling. Our easy-to-use website allows you to find other Snow Angels in your area – make it a social event.

There is strength in numbers and not only is the shovelling easier – we heard the cocoa afterwards even tastes better!

In closing, thanks so much for stopping by and we hope you decide to become a Snow Angel. Together we can make our street, our neighbourhood and our London not only a little kinder but also a little less snowy. All the best!


Did you have any other questions? Please send us an email at: